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Bad Credit Car Loan in Brookville

If you want to purchase a used car in Brookville, but you cannot qualify for the traditional car loan, now is your chance to have a second chance at it. Whether you have poor credit, no credit, or bad credit, the team at Hi5Cars can help. We know how impossible it can be to obtain any type of loan with damaged credit and that is why our team of financial experts wants to talk to you.

We believe that you should not be held back by your credit and that you should be able to drive the car of your dreams without a hassle. Whether you want to be in a Cadillac or a GMC, we can make it happen for you.

With the help of our team, financing a car will not be difficult and quite achievable no matter your credit score. Whatever your circumstances are, we can help. Call Hi5Cars today at 718.337.2200 718.337.2200 or email us at

Auto Loans in Brookville

When you have bad credit, you may be worried that you will never be able to get into any of the auto loans in Brookville that are out there. While it may be true that you hear the word no a lot or you receive multiple denials, it is not impossible to get car financing when you have bad credit.

In fact, Hi5Cars prides themselves on offering bad credit loans in Brookville and we can help you, no matter what your credit score may be. Our financial experts will sit down with you and come up with a budget and loan terms that work for you. You can accept them or negotiate them to create the perfect loan.

What sets us apart from other local used car dealers in Brookville is that we have an in-house financing team that can provide you with a buy here pay here loan should you need a second chance. We do not focus on your credit score and almost all customers will be qualified for this type of financing.

Let Our Team Help You

If you want to trade in your current car or you want to drive a pre-owned car home today, let our team help you. We can assist you obtaining the proper financing and we offer some of the best specials too. Call Hi5Cars at 718.337.2200 718.337.2200 or email us at

Our customers



“As someone who has always struggled with their credit, I worried that I would be declined as I have been in the past. To my surprise, Hi5Cars was willing to finance my car for me. I make my payments directly to them and their in-house finance team holds the loan. The process is easy and convenient. I have already recommended them to my friends and family.”



“Getting into the car I wanted was a breeze. The entire paperwork process took less than 20 minutes and I had an approval in just 10. Wow. I will never go anywhere else to purchase a car again.”

Dominic | Nissan Rogue Kav


“After being referred to Hi5Cars from one of my friends, I decided to go take a look at their inventory on a Saturday. I was impressed with how many options they had. The cars are used, but they are in excellent condition, you wouldn’t even know someone else drove them. I figured what the heck and drove a Mercedes-Benz. I fell in love with it and applied for financing. I was granted the loan and I now own the new one! I cannot believe how easy the entire process was. Thank you!”

Stacy | Mercedes-Benz Kav


“If you want to own a car, visit Hi5Cars. They are the best in NY and they will make sure you can finance the car you want. They have helped me and my family over the years and we highly recommend them.”



“I have horrible credit and was worried that I would never be able to finance a car for myself. I about gave up and then I found Hi5Cars. They worked with me and extended a buy here pay here offer to me and I am now the proud owner of a Chevy Suburban. I definitely recommend them.”

Paula | Chevy Suburban Kav

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