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Bad Credit Car Loan in Hollis

Your credit can be a major indication as to whether or not you qualify for a car loan. With that said, it can be extremely hard to get an auto loan when you have poor or no credit. It can even be difficult for individuals with good credit to obtain a loan. If you do want to get into a pre-owned car, now is the time to do it. You could be driving around in a luxury sedan or a sporty coupe in no time at all with the help of Hi5Cars. We are committed to helping you get into an affordable used car, no matter your credit situation.

We believe that all of our customers, no matter their credit, should be behind the wheel of their dream car. You deserve to drive around in that Lexus you have been admiring or that Chevy you have always imagined yourself in. With our help, it can be possible.


Our team of financial experts will soon have you in a pre-owned car at a price that you can afford. We offer bad credit car loans in Hollis and you don’t have to fear talking to us about financing. Call our office today at 718.337.2200 718.337.2200 or email us at sales@hi5cars.com.

Auto Loans in Hollis

When you have bad credit, you may instantly think that you cannot be approved for a car loan, but that is not always the case. Yes, it will be more difficult, but it is not impossible. When you do find a bank to offer you credit, you do not have to go above your means to be in a car either. There are affordable bad credit loans that you can get into.

Our team of financial experts will work with you to find a financing plan that works and meets your budget constraints. You do not have to go at this alone.
Unlike some of the other dealerships and car lots out there, we can help you obtain a loan despite your credit score. We have an in-house finance team that can extend credit to you and this type of loan is known as a buy here pay here loan.

Whether you have been turned down by others or you have had a repossession in the past, we’re here for you. We will draft up loan terms and work with you to make sure you can afford them. All of our BHPH loans are individualized and no two are the exact same.
If you are interested in this option, now is the time to call us. We can work with you today and you can drive your dream car home the same day too.

Come in Today to Discuss a Bad Credit Car Loan

Our team has a proven track record of being able to provide our customers with bad credit car loans in Hollis. We can help you too, all you need to do is call Hi5Cars at 718.337.2200 718.337.2200 or email us at sales@hi5cars.com.

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